Vote Yes on Prop 1A

checkbox Proposition 1A (Initiative 107) would establish a $15 minimum wage for childcare workers (phased in over three years for employers with under 250 employees); seek to reduce childcare costs to 10% or less of family income; prohibit violent felons from providing professional childcare; require enhanced training and certification through a training institute; create a workforce board and establish a fund to help providers meet standards; and hire an organization to facilitate communication between the City and childcare workers.

Vote Yes on Prop 1A:

checkbox retaining and attracting qualified and well-trained early educators by paying them at least $15/hour

checkbox prohibiting violent felons from being child care providers, even in a non-licensed facility;

checkbox requiring enhanced training for Pre-K teachers, early educators and child care providers;

checkbox creating a public-private partnership with the city to provide early education teachers with training in preventing crib death, detecting learn disabilities, and other essential skills (more);

checkbox creating a new city fund to assist small child care providers to meet the new minimum wage and enhanced training requirements; and

checkbox establish a policy that no household should spend more than ten percent of its income on child care.

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