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Say YES to I-107 and YES to solving Seattle’s child care crisis by addressing affordability and increasing quality.

  • Directs Seattle City Council to address Seattle’s child care crisis and sets a long-term policy goal of reducing child care costs to 10% of a family’s income. 
    • A single mother pays up to 52% of her income on licensed child care in King County. Child care in our region can cost nearly $15,000/yr, more than the cost of 1 year tuition at UW.
    • Parents often have to choose between not working or putting children in unlicensed (“Craigslist care”).
  • Improves quality of care for all of Seattle’s young children.
    • Child development and best practices trainings are often unaffordable, haphazard, and inaccessible to Seattle’s 4,500 licensed early educators. I-107 ensures all of Seattle’s early educators receive high quality training, such as preventing sudden infant death syndrome, identifying child abuse, detecting learning disability warning signs, and promoting emotional development.
    • Up to 38% of our children’s care givers change jobs every year. Quality child care is compromised by high teacher turnover, which affects children’s social-emotional and language development. I-107 reduces teacher turnover and stress on our kids by giving early educators a bump in pay to $15/hr, 1 year faster than the City’s minimum wage ordinance.
    • Seattle’s 250 Child Care Centers and 475 Family Child Care Homes operate on shoe string budgets and are not able to address these problems by themselves. I-107 involves the Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes in the solution up front and from the start.
    • Only about half of Seattle’s young children are in licensed care. I-107 increases safety standards for children in “Craigslist care” by prohibiting violent felons from providing even unlicensed care. 

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