Seattle is growing fast – and we need to make sure we remain a community that values diversity, fairness, and opportunities for residents and families of all backgrounds and income levels.

Young children face inconsistent care and upheaval as their teachers often leave (up to 38% annual turnover rate) for better paying jobs.

High quality, consistent care at early ages plays an important role for brain development, cognitive and language development, school readiness, and sets the stage for successful early school achievement.

  • Seattle lacks a certification and training program for the city’s 4,500 early educators, who need accessible, meaningfRock hard place graphic 1ul training on important issues like preventing crib death and detecting learning disabilities.

Affordable, high quality child care is an essential component of a thriving and fair economy — but Seattle child care is some of the most expensive in the U.S.

Only Proposition 1A (I-107) addresses child care quality and affordability for all of Seattle’s children, babies to school age.

checkbox  Fast-tracks a $15/hr minimum wage for early educators (phased in over three years for employers with under 250 employees) so they don’t leave for higher paying jobs at Target and McDonald’s.

checkbox  Directs Seattle City Council to address Seattle’s child care crisis and sets a long-term policy goal of reducing child care costs to 10% of a family’s income, the federally recommended level.

checkbox  Ensures all of Seattle’s 4,500 early education teachers have access to high quality training, such as preventing crib death, identifying child abuse, detecting learning disability warning signs, and promoting emotional development.

checkbox  Enables the City to establish a Professional Development Institute to facilitate implementation of city-wide standards for early education teachers.

checkbox  Prohibits violent felons from providing licensed or unlicensed child care.

Read the full language of Prop 1A (I-107) here.

Join our growing list of Yes on Prop 1A (I-107) endorsers, including early education teachers, organizations and community leaders.